Where do I gin with this client? I wore so many hats whilst working for reco that it’s difficult for me to properly draw lines between the different roles that I had. I was hired as a web developer, but soon began providing video content, events planning, art direction and creative strategy as well as designing/developing ad campaigns for print. I had true diversity with this company yet, still only worked part-time. I managed to squeeze a whole lot out of that five hour block each day.

GREEN is the New GOLD
This was a print campaign that ran in YRB magazine. It ran for several issues and I designed different versions with different tag lines. Summer’s HOT Green is COOL was also a favorite of mine. It really captured the vibe on the streets of NYC during the month of August.

GREEN is the New GOLD was the one that stuck. I’m still quite proud of this one and I still stand behind the message.


GREEN is the new GOLD

Summer's HOT Green is COOL GREEN is the new GOLD

This was another campaign that I designed. The tagline was TRUE RECYCLED DENIM. I shot the photos on the Lower East Side and was appealing to a “Hanging Out” kind of crowd

True Recycled Denim True Recycled Denim



This mini-documentary was created to walk the viewer through the creation of a denim-line. It starts with the artist Matthew Langille discussing his vision for the jeans. This shows the planning, design, creation of technical illustrations, packaging and even a fashion shoot that showcases the final product. I shot and edited this video as well as providing the animations that were used as examples of Matthew’s artwork coming to life.


Charity Fashion Show
Reco teamed up with the Global Genes charity to put on a fashion show for fashion week in New York’s only Eco-Friendly nightclub Greenhouse. The event was a smashing success with a full house of fashionistas in attendance. I shot and edited this video of the event for the purposes of company promotions.


Prince Peter Collection + reco
I shot this video on location in Dumbo, Brooklyn during a Prince Peter Collection fashion shoot. Reco added some of the items that were used in the shoot and the video premiered at the product launch, kicking off the autumn Fashion Week festivities in 2011.


Eric Sosa and SUPERGLUE
Reco hosted promotional events on a nearly monthly basis between 2010 and 2011. This is Eric Sosa performing live with full band for reco jeans spring 2011 preview event at The Touring Company Boutique in SoHo, New York City.

I shot this video using a handheld Canon XH-A1 HDV Camcorder.



I made a bunch of microsites for reco, as they were working on a variety of collaborations with different artists and companies. These two stand out as being fresh and fashionable while appealing to a youth market.

MrNY Prince Peter Collection


GREEN is for LIFE!
I shot this image for the website’s Splash page in Manhattan’s Highline park, right after it opened. I developed the concept “GREEN is for LIFE” as a double-entendre to compare the friendships made in your teens and early 20’s to the idea of making sustainable choices by buying clothes made with recycled denim.

Green is for LIFE