I was asked by Sonali Chitre to do the whole shebang for a company she was launching in 2012. She was setting out to take her legal expertise and combine it with her passion for clean energy and sustainable technology and launch a consulting firm. She asked me to start with a website, but I soon found out that I had much more to offer.

I developed the idea of helping her brand, Priyamvada Sustainability Consulting become a little more URL-friendly by purchasing the domain I designed a logo for PSC as well as a business card. I designed her website using WordPress and customized all of the graphics and layout. I have designed collateral materials such as 1-pagers, a brochure as well as a logo and newsletter for the organization that she started called W.A.T.E.R.

Sonali had a clear idea of what she wanted her logo to convey. I worked closely with her to achieve her goals for her brand.




Website Design
Sonali was very adamant about her site having a clean design that was contemporary, but also had an appeal to a corporate audience. She wanted to have some specific features and wanted to be able to have some flexibility in updating the content herself. She wanted a Splash page, but also wanted a blog that was integrated with her social media presence. The blog automatically publishes to her Facebook page for PSC as well as her Twitter account.



PSC Business Cards
I worked closely with Sonali to arrive at a business card design that was consistent with her brand and vision. She has had me print these cards for her as well as her staff.

Business Card Front Business Card Back


PSC Brochure
Sonali asked me to design a brochure for her company. I worked closely with her to achieve the desired results from inception to concept development right up to the printing of the final product.

 PSC Brochure Outside Cover PSC Brochure Inside


Green Infrastructure 1-Pager
I have designed a variety of online and print-ready materials with the intention of “Green” or paperless distribution. These print-ready collateral materials are distributed online, but are formatted for print and can be used by professors, or anyone who would like to use them in their presentation on Green Technology.