Photo by Joshua Rodriguez, LMB Productions


I’ve been working with web based technology since 1996. My interests in the web and UI design have consistently been on the vanguard of cyber technology and personal change through our relationships with technology. Music, video, art and technology have been the modes of exploration in both professional and personal creative endeavors.

I got my start in LA working on the the first two pioneering installments of From there I became involved the the project with Retinalogic. This vanguard web project brought the concept of cyberspace as being a virtual location that exists nowhere into the mainstream consciousness.

As the future would have it the next big thing was NYC and the new millenium brought me into the exciting world of streaming video technology, motion graphics and interactive technology.

The times have been changing and the standards of expectation have completely changed. Web 2.0 technology has really put the power of publishing content in the hands of writers and content producers. The designer is now often the implementor coder and developer. The use of open source frameworks has allowed me to independently create websites that would have required a team of designers, coders, technical directors and producers to create back when I got my start in 1996. The power of tools such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal have made large scale dynamic web sites and ecommerce solutions available to clients ranging from small business to multinational corporations. I, of course still like to tackle the new vanguard cutting edge technologies whenever possible. This site marks a departure from Flash, that still utilizes rich media features found in HTML5, jQuery, Scriptaculous, PHP, XML. and javaScript .

I do everything from website/branding packages to video production, post-production. I have solutions for all of your graphic and multimedia needs, as well as web presence brochure sites and even fully scalable ecommerce solutions. I am interested in any cutting-edge projects that will challenge and expand my sensibilities, in either a group or independent setting.

PHONE: 347 687 2272